Gutter & Roof deicing

  1. Bus wires [Nickel-plated Copper/Tinned Copper]
  2. Conductive Core[Heating Matrix]
  3. Inner Jacket[Modified Polyolefin]
  4. Metallic Braid[Tinned Copper]
  5. Outer Jacket[CR; UV Resistant Modified Polyolefin]

XGR self-regulating heating cable is used for freeze protection of roofs and gutters. They prevent a build-up of snow and ice dam, preventing any accidents from falling icicles as well as any damages due to water ingress.

Pre-assembled products are also available for quick selection and easy installation.


Max. Intermittent Exposure Temp.
(Heating device energized or de-energized)
Max. Maintain or Continuous Exposure Temp. 85℃(185℉)
Supply Voltage 120 VAC / 208~277 Vac
Output Wattage 30, 40W/m(@0℃ in ice water)
9, 13W/m(@32℉ in ice water)
Bus Wire Gauge 16AWG
Min. Bending Radius 40mm(@-40℃)
Min. Installation Temperature -40℃
Protection NEMA 4X, Type4X, IP66
Outer Jacket Color Black
Braid Coverage Minimum 80%
Braid Electrical Resistance Maximum 0.012Ω/m


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