Gutter & Roof deicing

XGR self-regulating heating cable is used for freeze protection of roofs and gutters. They prevent a build-up of snow and ice dam, preventing any accidents from falling icicles as well as any damages due to water ingress.

Pre-assembled products are also available for quick selection and easy installation.


Area Classification Non-hazardous
Traced Surface Type Metal and Plastic
Chemical Resistance Not applicable
Supply Voltage 100~130, 200~277 Vac
Output Wattage 26, 33W/m & 9, 13 W/ft(@ in the ice water)
Min. Bending Radius 40mm / 1.57in.
Min. Installation Temperature -40℃ / -40℉



Xarex XGR Roof & Gutter De-icing

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