Residential Pipe Heating Cable

  1. Bus wires [Nickel-plated Copper/Tinned Copper]
  2. Conductive Core[Heating Matrix]
  3. Inner Jacket[Modified Polyolefin]
  4. Metallic Braid[Tinned Copper]
  5. Outer Jacket[CR; Modified Polyolefin]

RPH self-regulating heating cable is used for metal and plastic pipe freeze protection in commercial and residential applications(not intended for use inside any pipes, for freeze protection of liquids other than water, or for use in classified hazardous locations)

Pre-assembled products are also available for quick selection and easy installation.


Max. Intermittent Exposure Temp.
(Heating device energized or de-energized)
Max. Maintain or Continuous Exposure Temp. 65℃(149℉)
Supply Voltage 120 VAC / 208~277 Vac
Output Wattage 10, 16W/m(@0℃ on pipe)
3, 5W/m(@50℉ on pipe)
Bus Wire Gauge 16AWG
Min. Bending Radius 40mm(@-40℃)
Min. Installation Temperature -40℃
Protection NEMA 4X, Type4X, IP66
Outer Jacket Color Black
Braid Coverage Minimum 80%
Braid Electrical Resistance Maximum 0.012Ω/m


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