Snow Melting

Xarex FM family of self-regulating heating cables can be used for snow-melting and defrosting the territory paved with concrete.

The heating cables are configured to be easily installed.

The cable consist of two parallel bus wires embedded a semi-conductive matrix, auto-matically responding to change in ambient conditions, and will not overheat or burnout, even when overlapped or when an air pocket is present in the concrete.


Area Clssification Non-hazardous
Chemical Resistance Not applicable
Supply Voltage 208~277
Output Wattage 60W/m & 20W/ft(@10℃/50℉)
Min. Bending Radious 20mm / 0.79in
Min. Installation Temperature -40℃ / -40℉


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Xarex FM Snow & ice melting

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